Kneepads of rubber

Kneepads of rubber
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Product Name: Kneepads of rubber
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Model: 972290
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Strong knee pads in black rubber. The knee pads are available in two lengths. Which length is suitable is described beside the trousers. The long knee pad, art. no. 972 290 is together with approved reinforcments knee pockets approved according to EN 14404 and EU directive 89/686/CE. This means that they have a better penetration protection against items up to 1 cm. The life span is estimated to 1 year for normal useage. The knee pads form around your knee, which means you will stand stable also on your knees. Rubber knee pads last longer than other materials. If you would forget them when you wash your trousers, they should handle to be washed in 85 degrees, but we give no guarantees on that.

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