Our Story..

Scandinavian Workwear was established in 2004 by Leif Falk, a carpentry & flooring tradesman for over 25 years. Leif had been a tradesman for many years and has always purchased his workwear from Sweden as he knew that the make and quality of the workwear on the market are no match to the style, durability and comfort Scandinavian made workwear offer. Other tradespersons would often approach and ask Leif about his workwear and whether they are able to purchase it in the local market. This encouraged Leif to establish Scandinavian Workwear and imported his first shipment in 2004.

Naturally, the business grew impressively as more and more tradespersons experienced the difference in quality and style. This prompted Leif to approach wholesalers and retailers for the distribution of his scandinavian workwear. However, retailers declined to take up the distribution due to the fact that the high quality and durability of the products meant a longer product life-span which would reduce the number of yearly purchases made by customers, especially that the profit margins on these products were equal to inferior quality workwear that offered the retailers more frequent sales per each customer.

Today, Scandinavian Workwear realise that this was a good thing.. Scandinavian Workwear is now independent and operate its own import and sales direct to the customer with an 'Onsite Fitting' service where workwear products are delivered to customers onsite providing convenience and flexibility. While this service is avaialable to the Melbourne Metropoliton area only, we deliver products Australia wide through our online product inquiry and ordering system.

About the products we promote..

Quality, Durability, Comfort and Style are what makes Scandinavian Workwear products standout amongst other workwear products. Our products are made by internationally renouned work garmet makers, some of whom have been producing workwear since the early 1900's. While other work clothing is made with fabric that is often tougher than the ordinary clothes, Scandinavian Workwear take many more factors into account from the early stages of design. Tougher fabric alone should not be the only factor is workwear.

The overall quality of our products is achieved through delivering Durable work clothing that is capable of handling tougher working environments and conditions. The products are assembled using stronger, tougher fabric and stitching material and techniques. The products are also made to suit the requirements of a tradesperson with ampol tool carriage and handling, protective and accessory components. At the same time, the product is assembled and stiched according to a design that provides comfort and ease of movement and the ability to access larger working tools, like ladders, with ease and comfort. In addition, Scandinavian made workwear products are easily maintained, washed or ironed to preserve its stylish look and maintain a longer life span. These products are extremely stylish and wearers will always feel good with the image they present in their workwear as hard-working professionals.

Our Guarantee..

Scandinavian Workwear commits to delivering quality workwear provide satisfation guarantee on:

•  Products Quality & Make.
•  Customer Service.
•  Prompt Response & Swift Product Delivery.


Onsite Fitting

The Scandinavian Workwear Onsite Fitting is one of the services that make us unique amongst other Workwear retailers and distributors. We understand the inconvenience and time waste in travelling to purchse work clothing, so, we bring the work clothing to you, to fit, try, view and buy. If you are located in the Melbourne or Melbourne Regional Area, you can arrange an onsite fitting with one call. As a practice, we arrange the onsite fitting within one business day.. Find more about our onsite fitting service..

Inside the Van

Our onsite fitting van is fully stocked and equipped to service our customers from fitting and trying clothing on to purchasing and payment processing.

While we often stock our van with items on request for onsite fittings, we also carry a wide range of workwear including pants and shorts, tops and vests, shoes and accessories. The van is setup so that you can try your clothing on before you purchase them. Therefore, we carry a variety of sizes, colours and styles.

Once our customers selected their workwear items, they can purchase them onsite as we are equipped with onsite payment processing facilities incuding on-board EFTPOS.


The Stitch Warranty..

At Scandinavian Workwear, we trust the quality and make of our products and are committed to providing full product warranties on their make and fittness. The Scandinavian Workwear product stitching is backed by a strong product warranty. Some of our products carry a LIFE-TIME STITCHING WARRANTY.

Our Business Network

We are currently developing the Scandinavian Workwear Business Network. This online client directory contains links to our business details and websites. The Business Network will be advertised in our periodical newsletter. Submit your business details for listing in our directory.. contact us HERE.

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