Kevlar Craftsman Trousers

Kevlar Craftsman Trousers
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Product Name: Kevlar Craftsman Trousers
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This could be the world's most advanced workwear workpants!  These NEW workpants are the culmination of years of JOBMAN Workwear innovations, incorporating proven workwear concepts with new fabrics and designs for the most demanding work situations.


The JOBMAN Ultra brings several NEW features into workpants for the professional who needs the most from his work clothing.  The most outstanding feature is the knees - which are made from a NEW material called ARMORTEX.  This new material is a combination of polyamide and Kevlar.  JOBMAN has long used polyamide in its workwear for reinforcing of key areas, and now Kevlar has been added on these pants. The result is the best protection available for your knees.  The material is tear resistant, flexible, and slip resistant.  Also, these knee pad pockets are bi-level, so you can position the knee pads at the best point possible for your body style.


But, these pants have so much more than just Kevlar knees.  The Ultra has a big phone pocket on the hip, which will hold even the biggest smartphone.  It also has wide tool belt or tool holder velcro straps on each side, to use in attaching equipment or hardware pouches if needed.  The thigh pocket has a zipper, so anything you put in there will stay there, no matter how active you may be during the workday.  


NEW to this pair of pants is a separate pocket for storing of the holster pockets, so if you are not using these hardware and tool holding pockets, you can tuck them out of sight.  There are side pockets on these pants, so you can always have your normal pocket items in there, without the holster pockets getting in the way.  Also new is webbing on the holster pockets, so you can tuck tools or smaller hardware on the outside of these pockets for easy reach when you need them.


The fit is superb on these pants.  The pants have a new type fit in the waist, with a higher back, but with a lower front fit.  Also, the knees have stitched areas in them to provide a pre-bent feel, so you never stress the fabric when you bend your knees.  


At the base of the pants, there is a reflective stripe, which you really don't notice until you are in the dark and light shines on it, then you notice how bright it is.  (We found this out when trying to take a picture with a flash of these pants.)  And the bottom is polyamide, so the cuffs are anti-wicking, with a drawstring in the cuffs so you can keep unwanted particles out of your boots.


On each side are "stiffened" hammer loops, so you can easily drop your hammer in.  And, a heavy duty caribiner is sewn in on the front right for attaching tools, keys, or whatever if you need it.


All in all, these pants are the best workpants available, with superb quality, function, and durability - made for the most demanding professionals.  


Material:  55% Cotton/45% Polyester

               Reinforcements of 85% Polyamide/8% Kevlar

Kevlar Craftsman Trousers
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Kevlar Craftsman Trousers
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Kevlar Craftsman Trousers
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